Senior Resources

In addition to our Life Enrichment Programs, here are helpful resources on wellness, senior benefits, and health. Please refer to our FAQ on Independent Living to help find the answers to your questions. If not, our StoneBridge team of dedicated and caring professionals is here to help. Call (513) 834-7000.

Senior Resources

Beat the Heat: Pool Exercises Active Seniors Can Do to Stay Fit AND Cool

Staying cool and fit in the heat of summer is easy for active seniors who have a pool nearby. Even seniors with mobility concerns can enjoy the buoyancy provided by water and work on staying limber and healthy. Some enjoy just swimming laps while others can participate in organized water exercise classes. But to take […]

Summer Dinner Favorites for Active Seniors That Don’t Heat Up the House

Summertime is short so don’t waste it in a hot kitchen when cool, fresh, and very appetizing meals can be prepared on the grill or without cooking at all. By taking advantage of Cincinnati’s local farmers markets and thinking healthy, great summer dinners are easy for active seniors in retirement communities to create and enjoy. […]