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FAQ - StoneBridge

What is Independent Living?

Independent Living, also called a Senior Living or a Retirement Community, is for those people who are able to live on their own but who no longer wish to maintain a home.

Is StoneBridge at Winton Woods Catholic?

While Mercy Health is a partner at StoneBridge, people of all faiths are welcome here.

How fast can we move in once we decide to do so?

The first factor is the availability of a cottage. There are 76 cottages and, of course, availability—especially of a cottage style you prefer—may vary. Once a cottage is available, you select paint and carpet colors. We’ll need some time (usually about two weeks) to get your new home ready. Rest assured, our caring service extends to making sure we get you in as quickly as possible, while also making sure we prepare the cottage, so you love it when you do move in.

Is there an age limit to live at StoneBridge?

The age requirement to live at StoneBridge is 55 years or older. Anyone under 55 such as spouses/partners, adult children or legal dependents such as custodial grandchildren are always welcome to visit and enjoy short stays but are not permitted to permanently reside at StoneBridge.

How does the pricing work at StoneBridge?

There is an Entrance Fee that is up to 100% refundable, a minimal security deposit, and a Monthly Service Fee.  The amount of the Entrance Fee is based on the floor plan selected and is paid with the security deposit at the time of move in.  The Monthly Service Fee includes amenities such as routine and emergency maintenance, ADT security with Emergency Alert System, property taxes, water, sewer and trash, lawn care and landscape maintenance, snow removal, campus activities, use of the clubhouse and multi-purpose room, religious services, semi-annual window glass cleaning and outside power washing, transportation, membership to the Mercy HealthPlex in Fairfield, and much more. StoneBridge offers a full complement of services and amenities at the most reasonable entrance fees and monthly service fees in the area.

Would I own the cottage I live in at StoneBridge?

You do not “own” your cottage. The locally owned property is managed by Mercy Franciscan Senior Health and Housing Services. Instead, you get a key benefit of home ownership – the ability to customize your home to your specifications, with approval – without the headaches and worries of home ownership such as costly repairs, lawn maintenance, and snow removal, leaving you more time to do the things you love!

Am I able to borrow the money for the Entrance Fee?

No, at least not with a mortgage or secured loan as the cottage is not able to be used as collateral. Most residents use the proceeds from the sale of their previous home or personal savings to pay the Entrance Fee.

What happens to the Entrance Fee when I move out?

With StoneBridge’s accelerated Entrance Fee refund policy, you will receive a full refund of your Entrance Fee as soon as your cottage is reoccupied. If your cottage is not occupied by a new resident within twenty-four months you will receive 50% of the refundable portion of the Entrance Fee 12 months after your move out and the remaining 50% 24 months after your move out. No other senior living community offers a comparable policy.
Your Entrance Fee is returned to your estate or the beneficiary of your designation.

On your price sheet, why is there a variation in the Entrance Fees and Monthly Service Fees?

Our flexible pricing plans provide two options. First is a lower Monthly Service Fee for the duration of residence at StoneBridge in exchange for a 75% return of the Entrance Fee. The second is a higher Monthly Service Fee with the option to receive 100% return of the Entrance Fee. You can choose the plan that makes sense for you based on your individual finances and the estimated time you will be residing at StoneBridge.

FAQ - StoneBridgeAre pets allowed at StoneBridge?

Dogs and cats are welcome at StoneBridge with no additional deposit or monthly fee. You are required to clean up after your pet and agree to be held liable for any pet-related damages.

Do you have plans to build more cottages?

With 76 cottages, our community is large enough to make friends and enjoy the natural surroundings while small enough to retain the close knit, neighborhood feel as well as privacy and plenty of natural space for our residents. There are no plans for adding cottages at this time.

Are weekdays or weekends better to take a tour and see a cottage at StoneBridge?

We are open for tours during normal business hours and by appointment after hours and weekends. It is best to pre-schedule a tour with the Senior Living Counselor at StoneBridge to make sure you are given the day and time that you need. You can do this by calling our main number, 513-834-7000.

How much should I expect to pay for gas and electricity at StoneBridge?

The amount depends on the size of the cottage and your temperature preference, but a general guideline is $150 per month. The heat is gas forced air, which is highly efficient.

What phone and internet companies am I able to use at StoneBridge?

You are welcome to use Cincinnati Bell or Spectrum for phone and Spectrum for internet service. A landline is required for the security monitoring service.

Is there dining or shopping within walking distance?

Part of the appeal of StoneBridge is its serene, secluded, park-like setting, which means there is not dining or shopping within walking distance. Several options are accessible by car within a 10-minute drive. Some of our current residents expressed these considerations when considering StoneBridge as their future home. However, they have found between grocery delivery services offered by Kroger, Meijer, Wal-Mart and others and weekly transportation trips for shopping and for social lunches at local restaurants, this need was fully met by our community amenities.

What do residents say about living at StoneBridge?

One of our favorite comments is that “People don’t tell you they like living at StoneBridge, but that they LOVE it.” Our residents are our biggest advocates. If you’d like to know what our residents’ experience living at StoneBridge at Winton Woods, please reach out to us and we will connect you.